Frequently asked questions

Why choose FirstNet?

As a local not-for-profit organization operated by and for healthcare professionals, FirstNet offers you a proven track record of nearly 18 years of successfully providing electronic information exchange services with state-of-the-art, reliable and easy-to-use technologies. And the confidence shown by the state of Texas in naming FirstNet as a regional HIE provider is more assurance of the quality of our services.

In short, you can trust us to make it easy for you to meet your needs in the electronic exchange of clinical information.

Can FirstNet connect to my EHR?

Not a problem. FirstNet connects with any existing EHR certified for meaningful use. Not only will you be able to view relevant clinical information on your patients from other providers, we can also populate your EHR with key data from these providers. Furthermore, if your EHR lacks ePrescribing, electronic lab and radiology order placement or resulting, FirstNet will enhance your EHR by providing these services to you.

What if I don’t have an EHR system?

Again, no problem. FirstNet will supply physician practices with a cost-effective EHR system that is certified to meet “meaningful use” requirements established by CMS. Our EHR offers a host of features, including ePrescribing and lab and radiology ordering. We also provide education and training for our clients, as well as ongoing support.

How much training is involved?

When you sign up with FirstNet, training sessions and online materials are included. Honestly, if you already use an EHR, very little additional training is required – FirstNet is easy to use and designed to work seamlessly with any EHR. For those new to the EHR, we will provide as much training as necessary to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

What about patient consent?

FirstNet will provide you with the materials and support you need to educate your patients, address their concerns and obtain their consent. We will work with you to create confidence in this system with your patients.

What will this cost?

Please understand that FirstNet is a not-for-profit organization focused on a mission of improved patient care through the seamless transfer of relevant clinical information. We share that mission with the state of Texas, which provides grants to create incentives to foster that same mission. These grants enable FirstNet to deliver our services at extremely discounted levels. While exact pricing has not been determined, please know that costs to end users will be extremely reasonable.

Is this an exclusive arrangement?

Not at all. Participation is entirely at your discretion, and does not prevent you from participating in an HIE with any other organization. Furthermore, FirstNet is committed to linking to other HIEs across the state and the nation.

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